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Life Cycle Assessment report

Knowing the environmental performance of your products and production chains

We can provide detailed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) reports on certain products included in Agri-footprint®. These reports can be valuable for companies wishing to obtain detailed information on their products, for example to get input for their sustainability report.

We are happy to guide you through the whole process of conducting and interpreting your LCA.

Agri-footprint® Performance Report

Visual presentation of complex information

Agri-footprint® Performance Report shows why your product is a front runner in the field of sustainability. The report illustrates the environmental performance of a specific product, based on the Agri-footprint® methodology and database. One of the features of the Performance Report is the clear and visual presentation of (complex) information, which makes the information for instance accessible for your customers. The report presents the highlights in a visual way. The full Life Cycle Inventory is published in the Agri-footprint® database and the Life Cycle Impact Assessment can be reproduced using SimaPro.

Get inspired
View the Agri-footprint® Performance Report of HumVi and Meatless

Custom parameterized Life Cycle Inventories (LCIs)

Adapt unit processes

Parameterized Life Cycle Inventories are a powerful tool. They can be used, for instance, if your company has specific data from many plants or farms with comparable structure. It can be used not only to investigate the impact of variation in physical parameters, but also on emissions factors, for example.

We can help you to develop the parameterized versions of your Life Cycle Inventories (LCIs).

Company specific processes

Your brands included in Agri-footprint®

It is possible to become part of Agri-footprint and publish the data of your products & brands in Agri-footprint. By doing this you will facilitate transparency. Moreover, the environmental performance of your products will be available for your clients and the worldwide LCA community.

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Increase your skills in life cycle assessments

  • Are your new in Life Cycle Assessments?
  • Do you want to refresh your LCA knowledge?
  • Or are you engaged in complex environmental analyses of agricultural and food products?
On a regularly basis we organise courses and training for professionals. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you to accelerate sustainable development.

Check our agenda for an overview.

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