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Agri-footprint provides many valuable products and services, from LCA databases, datasets and tools to comparative Life Cycle Assessments, review services and training. It is even possible to connect Agri-footprint to your own business management system.

Agri-footprint can help you speed up progress towards sustainability in various ways.

Agri-footprint and Environmental data

Accurate and robust data are the essential basis for making the agri-food sector more sustainable.
Agri-footprint provides you with high quality data for the agriculture and food sector.

Agri-footprint for LCA-software

Agri-footprint Database

  • Plug & Assess
  • Complete detailed database (unit processes) and metadata
  • List of all datasets (PDF)
  • Available via openLCA and SimaPro

Price openLCA: €1300 (ex. VAT)

Freely available for SimaPro (8.4) Users

Free for Agri-footprint partners

Download full product list of Agri-footprint

Agri-footprint in Excel

Agri-footprint Impacts in Excel

  • Environmental impacts of all datasets
    (calculated using ReCiPe 2016 midpoint (H)) including process descriptions
    • Included environmental impacts: Global warming, Stratospheric ozone depletion, Ionizing radiation, Ozone formation, Human health, Fine particulate matter formation, Ozone formation, Terrestrial ecosystems, Terrestrial acidification, Freshwater eutrophication, Marine eutrophication, Terrestrial ecotoxicity, Freshwater ecotoxicity, Marine ecotoxicity, Human carcinogenic toxicity, Human non-carcinogenic toxicity, Land use, Mineral resource scarcity, Fossil resource scarcity and Water consumption
    • 2 versions available:
      • 3 allocation options: economic, energy and mass allocation
      • 1 allocation method: economic
    • Provided in Excel format
    • 1 user*
    *If you are interested in a licence for more users, or want to include Agri-footprint data in your own tool, please contact Laura Wolf at


Agri-footprint in Excel - 3 allocation methods:

€800 (excl. VAT)

Agri-footprint in Excel - 1 allocation method:

€700 (excl. VAT)

Free for Agri-footprint partners



Looking for datasets which are not available (yet) in Agri-footprint?
  • Complete detailed datasets (unit processes) and metadata
  • SimaPro and openLCA compatible

Agri-footprint and your business

There are many ways Agri-footprint can benefit your business or organisation.
You can calculate Carbon Footprints, make Life Cycle Assessments, disclose your company-specific data in the Agri-footprint database,
or connect Agri-footprint database to your business management system.


Carbon footprint and LCAs

LCA/FootprintInternal/external useReview/verificationDataDeliverablesProject duration

Screening LCA

InternalInternal reviewCompany specificReport and/or presentationAppr. 1,5 months

Product LCA

ExternalIndependent external review (1 expert)Company specific & supply chain specificReport and presentationAppr. 2,5 months

Comparative LCA

ExternalIndependent external review (3 experts)Company specific & supply chain specificReport and presentationAppr. 5 months


External Review Services

External review services

  • Organisation of a review panel (e.g. for comparative LCAs);
  • Review your LCA/datasets
    • compliance with ISO 14040/14044;
  • Review statement for external use
  • Meets the requirements of ISO 14071
branded datasets2

Branded datasets

Branded datasets

Connection to your systems

Connection to your systems

  • Implement Agri-footprint into your tools/systems or business systems;
  • Examples:
    • Calculation tool
    • Agri-footprint in your own data management systems

Tools and training

Agri-footprint contains a suite of smart solutions and tools to help you to tackle your sustainability issues.
You can also update your knowledge by joining our training courses or webinars.

Direct Land Use Change Assessment Tool

Direct Land Use Change Assessment Tool

  • Calculates greenhouse gas emissions from land use change
  • Complete dataset (9.000+ country- crop combinations) is now available.
  • Excel tool: It is also possible to get a license for the complete and most recent Excel tool.
Read more about Direct Land Use Change Assessment tool