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Deforestation and calculation of greenhouse gas emissions

Deforestation is an important global problem: it has severe negative impacts on the planet and contributes to climate change. Deforestation is a form of land use change. A well-known example of deforestation […]
Crop Mix Tool

Behind the scenes – development Crop Mix Tool

We believe that transparency is essential in the development of sustainable agri-food chains, which is why we are more than happy to give you an impression of how we work ‘behind the […]

Free webinars – Introduction Agri-footprint 3.0

We would like to inform you personally about the latest developments and will be holding several free webinars in September. During these webinars you will not only learn more about Agri-footprint 3.0, […]
Agri-footprint in SimaPro and openLCA

Agri-footprint 3.0 soon available in openLCA and SimaPro

Recently, Agri-footprint has been updated extensively and Agri-footprint 3.0 will soon be released in LCA software SimaPro and openLCA.  This means more information and input for agricultural Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs). Herewith, […]
LCA report

Why is assessing the impact of agricultural products rather complex?

The first step in making the agri-food sector more sustainable is a clear and comprehensive assessment of the impact. Accurate and clear information provides the essential basis for this. However, quantifying the […]

New: Webinar Series – Life Cycle Assessment in Agricultural- & Food products

Update your knowledge easily and fast with our webinar series! Readily from your computer or tablet at home or from your office. No travel time, opportunity to revisit the webinars and have […]
LCA Seafood Database

LCA Seafood database

Currently there is no life cycle assessment (LCA) database for fish, shellfish and crustaceans, but there is a need for such a database among food industry professionals.To help meet this demand, Blonk […]

New Agri-footprint® Performance Report: HumVi

Recently the environmental impact of HumVi (a product of Vitens) has been evaluated. The results are presented in an ‘Agri-footprint® Performance Report’. This report shows why a product is a front runner […]

Using the Direct Land Use Change Tool and Agri-footprint crop model to understand trends in oil crops

Blonk Consultants has developed tools to generate life cycle inventory data on crops for Agri-footprint and to generate data on the emissions of land use change due to crop cultivation.

Let’s meet at LCA Food 2016

The team of Blonk Consultants & Agri-footprint® will be present at LCA Food Conference 2016 in Dublin. We are happy to meet you and share our knowledge about Agri-footprint®, the latest developments […]
expert life cycle assessment

Training: LCA in agricultural- and food products

Blonk Consultants organises a two day Life Cycle Assessment training, focused on agricultural and food products. This training is a perfect start to gain a better understanding of LCA. Additionally, we offer […]

The contribution of capital goods in agricultural LCAs

The aim of life cycle assessment (LCA) studies is to model a product’s life-cycle as completely as possible, in order to make accurate calculations. This comprehensiveness makes a study time-consuming and extensive. […]
Comparison environmental impacts beef meat

Food PEFCRs and the need for consistent secondary databases such as Agri-footprint®

In 2014, the second wave of 11 PEF food pilots started, which involves food product groups such as red meat, dairy, beer, wine, pasta. Blonk Consultants supports the development of three pilots […]

Agri-footprint®: a keystone database for sustainable food worldwide

Worldwide, about 25% of all life cycle assessments are related to the agri-food sector. Good databases such as Agri-footprint therefore have a substantial impact. Agri-footprint has been available to the LCA community […]
Agri-footprint 2.0

Major update of Agri-footprint®: the keystone for sustainable food world-wide

We are proud to announce that Agri-footprint 2.0 is now available in SimaPro. In the last months Agri-footprint has been updated extensively. Several products, implementation of various methodologies and updated cultivation and […]