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New: Webinar Series – Life Cycle Assessment in Agricultural- & Food products

Update your knowledge easily and fast with our webinar series! Readily from your computer or tablet at home or from your office. No travel time, opportunity to revisit the webinars and have […]
LCA Seafood Database

LCA Seafood database

Currently there is no life cycle assessment (LCA) database for fish, shellfish and crustaceans, but there is a need for such a database among food industry professionals.To help meet this demand, Blonk […]

New Agri-footprint® Performance Report: HumVi

Recently the environmental impact of HumVi (a product of Vitens) has been evaluated. The results are presented in an ‘Agri-footprint® Performance Report’. This report shows why a product is a front runner […]

Using the Direct Land Use Change Tool and Agri-footprint crop model to understand trends in oil crops

Blonk Consultants has developed tools to generate life cycle inventory data on crops for Agri-footprint and to generate data on the emissions of land use change due to crop cultivation.