How to get Agri-footprint?

How to get Agri-footprint?

Agri-footprint - LCA database is currently available in
Life Cycle Assessment software SimaPro and openLCA.


About SimaPro

SimaPro is an Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software package and has been developed by PRĂ© Sustainability.

Databases in SimaPro
In order to use SimaPro a licence is needed, which includes various databases, comprising Agri-footprint. This means Agri-footprint is available for free in the SimaPro 8.4 version.
SimaPro has different licencing options available.

Read more about SimaPro licences options


About openLCA

openLCA is a freely available open source software for life cycle assessments and related life cycle analyses. It has been started by GreenDelta.

openLCA Nexus
Agri-footprint is available in openLCA as a for purchase database. On openLCA Nexus, an online repository for LCA data, you can find more information on how to purchase Agri-footprint.

Read more about the Agri-footprint licencing options for openLCA.

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Do you have questions about the Agri-footprint database?

Or do you have suggestion for the availability of Agri-footprint
in other LCA software?

Please contact Jasper Scholten, our manager Life Cycle Assessment,
for more information.

Phone +31 (0) 182 547 808.